Educate and Prepare – A Multimedia Resource for Faith Leaders

Healing the Healers is a multimedia video resource collection showcasing intimate peer-to-peer conversations with exceptional faith leaders on issues of crisis and trauma to be used in classrooms curriculums, as congregational tools and for self learning. Each video and accompanying expert guide offers strategies and insight to educate and prepare current and emerging faith leaders in how to address challenging issues in order to:

  • Recover from communal trauma
  • End domestic violence
  • Heal divided communities experiencing extremism and racial injustice
  • Save lives for Teen/Young Adult Mental Health
  • Address pandemic burnout for chaplains

When trauma or crisis strikes, faith leaders are called upon to guide and sustain communities. Their role is to help us heal.

“This is an exceptional resource for caregivers, faith communities, and theological education, and is long overdue. It provides deep insight into the pain incurred by faith leaders as they endeavor to care for the broken and wounded.” – Calvin Theological Seminary Dr. Danjuma Gibson, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care

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