Series 2:
Domestic Violence

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Encouraging and Preparing Faith Leaders to Respond

As 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic or intimate partner violence, statistics suggest this crisis affects EVERY congregation and faith community.

Faith leaders are often the first point of contact for a victim reaching out for help. Faith communities should be places of safety, hope and healing. When someone comes to you, will you know what to do to save that person’s life?

The series provides insights and strategies for care, along with practical tools to building a strong network of support in your faith communities. The series can be used for self-learning, workshops, trainings, as well as in the classroom and community. Series 2 includes 4 episodes and an expert written guide that navigates the complex issue of domestic violence to encourage and support faith leaders in creating safe and trusted communities for victims and survivors. Featured faith leaders include survivors of domestic violence and leaders who have bravely worked through this complex issue with those affected and their broader community.

Through this filmed series of intimate peer to peer conversations, faith leaders explore how to provide better care and support for victims, survivors and families so that they are prepared to respond with a plan to build trust, ensure safety, refer to local advocates and provide spiritual guidance and healing for victims and survivors.

  • Make a plan to prioritize the safety, care and healing of victims and survivors.
  • Build safe and accountable faith communities.
  • Know your local laws and community resources.
  • Know your local advocates and trained professionals who you can refer victims and survivors to for help.
  • Build strong community liaisons to support victims, survivors and families.

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Series Episodes

Episode 1

Supporting the Journey from Victim to Survivor

Rev. Tawana Davis discusses the courageous journey of being victims to becoming survivors with mother and daughter, Reverends Bonita Chase Darby and Dr. Regina Groff, who lived in an abusive household until they were able to flee when Rev. Groff was just eight years old.

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(29 minutes)

Featuring: Rev. Tawana Davis, Co-Founder of Soul2Soul Sisters, Rev. Bonita Chase Darby, author of “Daughter Your Faith has Healed You” and Rev. Dr. Regina Groff, Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Themes: Finding Courage to Speak Out; Surviving Trauma with Children; Shattered Trust; Facing Danger and Taking the Risk to Leave; Noticing the Signs of Trauma and Abuse; Self Care for Survivors and Faith Leaders; Forgiveness as a stage of healing; Building Safe Communities of Faith

Written Reflection: Supporting the Journey from Victim to Survivor
By Salma Abugideiri, Advisory Board Member & Director of Training Peaceful Families Project

Episode 2

Spiritual Care for Survivors: Tools and Resources

Rev. Tawana Davis speaks with survivor Chaplain Jennie Wachowski-Estes about the tools and resources they rely on in their work supporting victims-survivors.

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(30 minutes)

Featuring: Rev. Tawana Davis, Co-Founder Soul2Soul Sisters and Chaplain Jennie Wachowski-Estes, former resident chaplain at Tulsa Family Safety Center

Themes: Confronting Hidden Violence; Reconciling Sacred Texts and Beliefs; Speaking Out and Building Safe Faith Communities; Complexities Around Forgiveness and Shame; Redefining Strength; Power and Positive Masculinity

Written Reflection: Spiritual Care for Survivors: Tools and Resources By Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Hunter, Director of Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

Episode 3

From Harmful to Helpful: Religion and Masculinity

Rev. Tawana Davis speaks with Imam Mohamed Magid, whose groundbreaking work as an advocate and leader on Domestic Violence has inspired many congregations to examine harmful doctrines and build safe and peaceful communities to support victim-survivors.

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(31 minutes)

Featuring: Rev. Tawana Davis, Co-Founder Soul2Soul Sisters and Imam Mohamad Magid is Executive Imam at Adams Center, All Dulles Area Muslim Society and an Advisory Board Member and Trainer at Peaceful Families

Themes: Beginning the Journey from Victim to Survivor; The Power Wheel and Patterns of Abuse; Faith Leaders and Faith Communities Need to be Prepared; Silence + Shame; Wrestling with Forgiveness; Navigating Family Systems & Cycles of Violence; Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Trust; Supporting Survivors in Finding Strength and Courage

Written Reflection: From Harmful to Helpful: Religion and Masculinity By Rev. Danjuma Gibson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pastoral Care Calvin Theological Seminary

Episode 4

Men Speaking Out: Theology, Power and Transformation

Rev. Tawana Davis speaks with Rev. Dr. Ron Clark, a leading ally, and Rev. Cary James, Jr., a childhood survivor, about the importance of accountability, transforming harmful forms of masculinity and ensuring standing up for zero tolerance for domestic violence.

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(37 minutes)

Featuring: Rev. Tawana Davis, Co-Founder Soul2Soul Sisters and Dr. Ron Clark, Executive Director for Kairos Church Planting Support and Rev. Cary James, Jr., Senior Pastor of Jones Memorial United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. and Chaplain for the Baltimore City Police

Themes: Balancing Safety and Accountability; Sacred Spaces are Safe Spaces; Transforming Masculinity; Domestic Violence Happens in Every Community; Strengthening Community Response Through Collaboration; More Men Need To Speak Out

Written Reflection: Men Speaking Out: Theology, Power, and Violence
By Dr. Ron Clark, Executive Director of Kairos Church Planting Support

For My House Will Be Called a House of Prayer for All (Isaiah 56:7)
Rabbi Mark Dratch, Executive Vice President of The Rabbinical Council of America

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Power and Control Wheel

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Spiritual Community Declaration

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10 Things the Faith Community Can Do

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“It takes clarity and courage to speak about the trauma and harm of domestic violence. We may feel unprepared or pretend DV is not an issue in our contexts, so we stay silent. Now is the time to move beyond excuses. The variety of resources brought together in Healing the Healers: Domestic Violence series is a treasure trove for theological education, chaplaincy training, and faith communities. The videos provide an entryway into the lives of victim/survivors and examples of pastoral ministries modeled on truth-telling, accountability, and theologically depth. This series and the accompanying resources should be required engagement by denominations and seminaries.” – Kate Ott, PhD; Associate Professor of Christian Social Ethics, Drew Theological School, Madison, NJ

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Series 2: Domestic Violence

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