The Healing the Healers series of documentaries on the interfaith response to the shootings in Newtown, CT, are an invaluable resource in theological education. They delve into the lived experience of clergy on the ground, in a respectful, compelling, and informative way, which enables the future clergy to learn from those who have walked this path before. This window into the valley of the shadow of death is a sacred witness to both the pain and grace of being at the site of a disaster. Thank you, Odyssey, this is a resource I cannot recommend enough.

—The Rev. Dr. Storm Swain, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Theology United Lutheran Seminary Gettysburg + Philadelphia

This project is an exceptional resource for caregivers, faith communities, and theological education, and is long overdue. It provides deep insight into the pain incurred by pastors as they endeavor to care for the broken and wounded. This documentary gives pastors permission to hurt, cry, and seek healing for themselves.

—Dr. Danjuma Gibson, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care, Calvin Theological Seminary, Graduate Pastoral Care Class, Pilot screening Fall 2018

The conversation is touching, very real, intimate and offers the honest feelings of local clergy after a disaster. I think the presentation was enhanced by [the] short videos. I can see these videos in Seminary Power Points, Clergy support groups, counseling centers, disaster response, FEMA and clinical education.

—Rev. Dr. Willard Ashley, Sr., Vice President of Community Relations, Director of the Center for Clergy Care, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

This series is phenomenal! Thank you for making it possible for us to hear these stories (and raw emotion) that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

—Calvin Theological Seminary Student

I really appreciated this resource in my training as a Pastor. And I appreciated the hope this series provided.

—Calvin Theological Seminary Student

It really hit me when the Pastor said, “We have to be brave enough to show we break, too.”

—Calvin Theological Seminary Student