A: Faculty at The Candler School of Theology, The Hartford Seminary and institutions of higher education report the need to use short videos (each episode is under 30 minutes) to discuss hard to navigate societal issues. By using video, students are able to enter a world they may never experience and build understanding on issues through another’s story. Video has long been understood to help broaden the scope of understanding beyond textbooks and lectures. Complementing any course with video adds real life experience without leaving the classroom. The associated scholarly guides offer direction to faculty as they learn how to use the resource.

Diane L. Moore, Ph.D, Faculty Director of Religion and Public Life at Harvard Divinity School, states:

“Our work at the Religion and Public Life explores the nuanced understanding of how religion in public life provides tools for compassion and justice. Odyssey Impact’s documentaries and campaigns exemplify these same goals and we are privileged to learn with and from these artists.”

A: The series that requires payment includes all episodes, as well as expanded resources, including all the written reflections and expert guides created to accompany the series.

Each Series to purchase has 4-5 30 minutes episodes along with scholarly essays and guides to go deeper into an issue facing faith leaders. The featured faith leaders provide powerful context for how to navigate traumatic issues and self care throughout preparing future faith leaders or helping current leaders.

A: Healing the Healers is a multimedia video resource collection showcasing intimate peer-to-peer conversations with exceptional faith leaders on issues of crisis and trauma to be used in classrooms curriculums, as congregational tools and for self learning. Each video and accompanying expert guide offers strategies and insight to educate and prepare current and emerging faith leaders in how to address challenging issues in order to:

  • Recover from communal trauma
  • End domestic violence
  • Heal divided communities experiencing extremism and racial injustice
  • Save lives for Youth Mental Health
  • Address pandemic burnout for chaplains

A: The series can be used as part of training or teaching, pastoral care, as part of a workshop, or as a group or individual educational resource.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Cergy gatherings, clergy care units, and continuing education events
  • CPE unit instruction/didactics, and other chaplaincy training modules
  • Pastoral care coursework in theological education/ministry

A: Series I: There are five episodes in the series, each between 17 and 23 minutes. The total running time is 99 minutes. Series 2: There are four episodes in the series. The total running time is 127 minutes.

A: We are happy to send you the trailer, and/or highlights from the series that you can preview in making your purchase decision. There are also clips from each episode on the website.

A: You can purchase the series on the purchase section of the website at healingthehealers.org

A: As a non-profit organization, all purchase funds go directly back into Odyssey Impact’s work and help support our mission. We believe that documentary films can bring about powerful change in people’s awareness, attitude and action.

A: The digital series and written materials will be emailed to the email address used for purchase.

A: The digital series can be downloaded as MP4, and those files can be uploaded onto Canvas, Blackboard, etc.