These days I preach to an empty room. But I see my church clearer than ever.

David Platt is the lead pastor of McLean Bible Church in metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Before covid-19, I would speak every Sunday before thousands of people gathered for church from across the Washington, D.C., area. Now the scene is vastly different. I stand alone on a stage in a cavernous room, staring into a camera surrounded by vacant seats. You’d think it would be hard to speak to people you can’t see in front of you. But, in a strange way, it’s not. Because, in my mind and heart, I can see them.

I can see the family of four who have been in our church for many years, gathered in their living room to watch online through our church’s website. Dad has just lost his job, Mom is wondering how they’re going to make ends meet, and the kids have no idea what calamity is unfolding around them. They’re just glad they get to go to church in their pajamas.

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