Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan

Born in Wales in 1932, Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan spent his youth in Cork, Ireland where he attended both the North Monastery School and St. Finnbarr’s College. He trained for the priesthood at Dublin’s All Hallows College and, in 1956, became an ordained priest for the Diocese of Dunkeld, Scotland. Monsignor O’Sullivan then studied at Gregorian University, Rome, where he received his license in canon law. Subsequently, he became the chaplain at the University of Dundee, and then priest of two parishes before arriving at the Holy Family, Dunblane in 1988, where he has remained ever since. In March, 1996, Monsignor O’Sullivan was the chaplain to Dunblane Primary School when 16 children between the ages of five and six-years old were shot and killed, along with their teacher. Thirteen others were wounded, including two female staff members. Two of his parishioners were among those slain. In 1992, Monsignor O’Sullivan was made Canon of the Dunkeld Chapter and, in 2018, Pope Benedict XVI made him a monsignor. He also currently serves as a judge on the Scottish Catholic Interdiocesan Tribunal.

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