Lisa B. Ziv & Yael Ziv

Lisa B. Ziv

CEO, the Blue Dove Foundation

Lisa B. Ziv is the CEO of the Blue Dove Foundation, a nonprofit organization addressing mental health and substance misuse in the Jewish community. Lisa is an innovator, author and thought leader on the intersection of faith, family and Judaism’s connection to mental health. Her lived experience forms the basis for her advocacy and educational work to increase awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. As a parent of children with mental health challenges, she understands the complicated dilemmas and decisions facing families caring for members with invisible diseases. Lisa is passionate about building more supportive schools and communities.

Her reflections on Jewish holidays and mental health were published by eJewish Philanthropy, Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools and the Blue Dove Foundation. She writes a blog for the Times of Israel on strengthening support for families with mental health challenges.

Lisa has an MBA and experience in healthcare financial management, operations and technology. She is an advisor to the National Alliance on Mental Illness FaithNet Committee and manages an online support group of 21,000 parents of children with anxiety and depression. Lisa lives in Baltimore with her husband, three amazing teens and an adorable dog.

Yael Ziv

Yael Ziv, is a high school senior who struggled with mental health challenges, and, in her own words, “beat depression.” She hopes that by sharing her story, she will help other teens and those that care about them, to know that with effort and support, they can feel better. She plans to attend college and wants to be a role model for mental wellness.

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