Pardeep S. Kaleka

Educator, and now Executive Director of Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee and former Police Officer

Executive Director of Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Published Author of “The Gifts of Our Wounds,” award-winning columnist with Milwaukee Independent and Clinician specializing in utilizing a trauma-informed approach to treat survivors and perpetrators of assault, abuse and acts of violence combining spiritual practices and mental health.

A native of Punjab, India, Pardeep Singh Kaleka grew up in Milwaukee, and served as a police officer and educator in the inner-city of Milwaukee until the shooting at the Sikh Temple in 2012, where a white-power skinhead took the lives of 7 parishioners, one of them being his father and temple founder. In the aftermath, called to help community heal, Pardeep channeled his energy into transformational love. His work today is to encourage stewardship of healthy social and spiritual fabrics that commit to nurturing the village and fostering genuine connections between individuals and their communities so that hate and hate crimes are less likely to happen.

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